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November 30, 2017
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Organizers will Help You De-clutter after Christmas

christmas clutter

Christmas brings out the good and generosity in many, and we often do not think about how our tradition of giving, may contribute to clutter and chaos after the holidays.  For many, the state of holiday dishevel is tedious and laborious, but the cost of not addressing the clutter and disorganization, will compound the stress we feel in our daily life.

In this blog post, I will provide you with ideas for bringing order back into your home after the holidays either on your own or with the assistance of a professional organizer, like myself. This is an ideal time to reach out for an extra set of hands!

Professional Organizers Make Life Easier

I would like to dispel the misconception that professional organizing is for the elite or that needing a professional organizer’s assistance is something to be embarrassed about. We don’t hesitate to hire professionals to rotate our tires or to colour our hair. We hire professionals because we don’t like doing those things or because we know someone else can do it more efficiently and effectively than us. So, it is my endeavour to remove the stigma people may feel about hiring someone to assist with decluttering and organizing.

Role of a Professional Organizer

One might think, as a professional organizer, I would suggest minimalist living to reduce the abundance of holiday paraphernalia that drowns us. But my role is not to judge other people’s lifestyle choices or impose my personal preferences onto others.

Professional Organizers assist people in a systematic manner to evaluate their belongings and decide how they want their space used.

Paper Clutter

Assisting a client with paper management.

Organization looks differently for everyone, so my recommendations are customized to your home and family. I will help remove only the clutter that is keeping you from reaching your personal or professional goals, and will help develop a system for quick and easy retrieval of your belongings or data.

Assessing the Situation

I take the time to assess the root cause of the disorganization, and discern if the situation is chronic or situational.  I will ask many questions and observe. If you are just feeling overwhelmed after Christmas, likely you are just experiencing “situational disorganization.”

Deb Stanley, author of “Organize Your Home in No Time,” and an instructor at the National Association of Productivity and Organizing University (NAPO-U), tells us “that situational disorganization is caused by life circumstances, and despite the overwhelm, people are typically able to bring order back into their life when things calm down.” That is a relief isn’t it? And if you hire an organizer, we will transfer our knowledge, so you can develop habits and skills that will help you navigate future hiccups with minimal sweat on your brow.

The Organize to Optimize blog is also a means for me to help others get organized, and I hope the next section will help you get a handle on your Christmas aftermath.

Declutter After Christmas

If you didn’t catch my very first blog post on organizing for Christmas, then you may be feeling overwhelmed. They key processes for finding order out of chaos will be reducing and arranging. Reducing will make room for the new items you have accumulated. Arranging will help you find the best place to store the items you are keeping.If your goal is to earn back valuable storage space and be able to retrieve items you are looking for quicker, then consider these ideas:

Get Rid of Garbage and Recycling ASAP

Start by sorting the holiday garbage and recycling. Know what your recycling depot  will accept. One of my depots in the Nanaimo, BC accepts styrofoam but another does not; and few depots accept over-wrap; however, most accept old electronics.

Recycling Organized

Recycling Organized

A little research on Google will help you learn what recycling is available in your area. In my province, British Columbia, we can find out what can be recycled where at Recycle BC. It is important to be aware of regulations in your own area.

Curate Stuff to Make Room for Gifts

Find a home as soon as possible for your new gifts. One obstacle you might encounter is you do not have the room for your new items.



Then another issue that may sabotage the declutter process is not deciding which items you are willing to part with to make room for the new things.

Organized drawer


Don’t let your emotions or confusion stop you from letting go of items that are unloved or not useful. Finding a new home or selling the items will often ease the pain of letting go of things that have value or had significance at one time.

De-clutter Decorations and Store Away in a System

The step before putting away your decorations is assessing the decor items you did not use this year and the decorations that no longer suite your space or current taste. Take yourself to the edge, and let go of as much as your heart will allow. Here is what I have curated this year:

Declutter decorations

They helped make many Christmas’s pretty. But we no longer need these in our new home.

Store your remaining decorations in zones. Use separate boxes to store your tree, mantle, staircase, outdoor lights, and adhoc decorations, so you can make next year’s set up easier.

More Ideas to Check Out

You can find many ideas for organizing your household after the holidays online. Here are a few sites that offer great ideas to save our holiday sanity.

  • Katie of Organizing Moms, provides specific ideas to help you deal with holiday clutter 
  • Here are 5 creative ideas for neatly storing the items in your home that tend to pile up. Notice that these ideas involve using your vertical real estate and grouping like items together.
  • The Christmas clutter battle really should be considered weeks ahead of Christmas. Coutney, provides some ideas to consider that will make post Christmas a breeze in the future.

An Extra Pair of Hands

My hope is that what you have left in your home you love; as much as possible you use what you have kept; you have adequate space for your possessions, and you can access your items in a way that saves you time and energy. But what if you are feeling stuck or maybe just want the reducing and arranging processes to go faster? I hope you with then consider a professional organizer. Call me to discuss how my services can help you achieve results faster.

Professional Organizer

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