Test Professional organizing, downsizing, and productivity support focuses on the client’s agenda and is non-judgmental. It is about giving an impartial perspective and providing options that could ease daily stresses and increase the harmony of the spaces lived and worked in. The process can create self-awareness, lead to dramatic life changes, and substantial return on your investments. The range of services for households and offices.

For hands-on assistance a minimum of a three-hour session is required, although it is best to plan for a 4-6 hours session to get through the first wave of clutter.

Room by Room Decluttering and Organizing

  • Closets and storage areas
  • Garages and basements
  • Kitchens and pantries
  • Bedrooms and living areas, etc

Moving / Downsizing / Senior transitions

  • Pre-move purging
  • Unpacking and organizing
  • Timeline and action plan for move
  • Coordination of services

Estate / Home Inventories

  • Make / Model / Serial numbers
  • Photos / Receipts / Warranties / Manuals
  • Descriptions / Heir Assignments
  • Print / Digital / Cloud storage options

Office and Information Organizing

Busy professionals and families need help organizing paper and electronic files so that they can find, collaborate on, and share important documents quickly on multiple devices.

  • Paper and paperless file systems
  • Email efficiency
  • Cloud computing systems
  • Calendar and task lists
  • Project planning and management
  • Financial organizing: bills/receipts/statements
  • Document or presentation formatting

Productivity Training

Time is your most precious resource. We offer skills training and resources that will help you navigate your day-to-day schedule and to-do list seamlessly, with time to spare for you and your loved ones.

  • Project / task management (what to do)
  • Habits and systems development (how to do it)
  • Paper and digital productivity solutions (the tools to help you)

Electronic Organizing and Training

Professionals and students will benefit from knowledge and competencies using MS Outlook and digital notebooks like MS OneNote and Evernote as part of their organizational system. Adopt a workflow that will give you more control over your activities, information, priorities, and commitments.

  • Integrate Outlook email, tasks, contacts, and calendar to sort and prioritize
  • Combine Outlook and Onenote for project and task management or creating a notetaking and reference library
  • Get started with Evernote as a paperless solution for notetaking and reference materials

Delivery of Services

You may wish to do the hands-on work yourself. Organize to Optimize will provide suggestions on a plan, where to start, sustainable systems, organizational products, and other helpful resources.
You may wish to have help executing the plan. Organize to Optimize will arrive at the agreed upon time and in collaboration will coordinate the decluttering and reorganizing process. The strategic process and outcome will be based on your needs and goals.
Similar to consulting services, but we will meet via Skype or Facetime, and you will be directed through the decluttering, sorting, and organizing process virtually.

The first meeting often begins with a phone call and an overview of your situation. We will arrange 30-60 minute site assessment to determine the goals, scope, budget, and timeline. At this stage there is no obligation to hire Organize to Optimize. It is an opportunity for us to determine if Organize to Optimize is a good fit for your project. The rates for services are outlined below. You may consider pay as you go or our packages to obtain a discounted rate.

Site Assessment $35 for the first hour and $50 p/hr there after
On-site Transformation & Productivity Consulting $50 p/hr (3 hr min/appt)
Electronic Organizing and Training $65 p/hr (2 hr min/appt)
Virtual Consulting $50 p/hr (1 hr minimum per appointment)
Off-site sourcing and errands $50 p/hr

We require a minimum of three hours for onsite work. Packages of 6 hours and more offer reduced hourly rates. Packages must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Transformation Packages and Rates
Spark Renewal 3 hrs / $150
Get Ready to Be Ready 6 hrs / $275 Save $25
Pursuit of Happiness 9 hrs / $400 Save $50
Seeking Sanity 15 hrs / $625 Save $125
Free at Last 30 hrs / $1175 Save $325 (that's 6.5 hrs free!)

Full payment is due after the session. Packages purchased must be paid in full after the first session to get the discounted rate.

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