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What does a productivity and organizing specialist do?
As an organizing specialist, Melody helps individuals get control of their workspace and papers to achieve greater function and clarity. Through the decluttering and organizing processes you are being primed for greater productivity.

As a productivity specialist, she dives even deeper. She helps individuals get control of their -- calendars, tasks, email, and data; and define effective workflows to achieve greater outputs.

It is the decluttering and skillful organizing that gives greater clarity and perspective to see opportunities. Productivity helps you navigate the waves of opportunity, so you skillfully prioritize your time on what is most important to you.
What are some reasons individuals and business owners choose to work with Melody?
1. They have lost time looking for important papers; that doesn't include the stress of not finding their keys, forgetting their laptop charger at home, or other scattered situations.

2. They lack time for themselves. No time for excercise. No time to cook healthy. No time to read a good book. No time with their 'besties'. Etc.

3. They have made mistakes at work because of oversights.

4. They want to go further in their business, career, or students who want to get better marks in school, but the gap is they lack computer and information management skills. These skills will allow them to focus on achieving their professional goals.

5. They feel anxious in their work space because it is too cluttered.

6. They are keeping too much in their head. They are using their email inbox like a to do list. Their brains are spinning.

7. They are typically organized, and see themselves as a high performer, but for what ever reason, they have have gotten behind and need help getting back on track. Strategically, they know Melody is the solution.

8. They are a high achievers and they see Melody's organizing and productivity skills as a return on investment that will take them to the next level of success.

9. High achievers know they must always surround themselves with people who have expertise that is different from them, who will challenge them, and push them in a respectful manner.

10. They have difficulty planning a project; knowing how long tasks will take, prioritizing, and you even tend to procrastinate. But avoiding is creating problems and discomfort.
What computer training does she provide?
MS Outlook – 6 to 12 hours

You will learn to use Outlook as your productivity secret weapon. It will be your information command centre that is tailored to your work needs. You will learn power-user techniques that will give you more control over your inbox, tasks, calendar, and contacts. (PC, Mac, and Outlook Online)

MS OneNote – 6 to 12 hours

OneNote will be taught as extension of Outlook to capture the many details of your work and home life, so NOTHING slips between the cracks. But OneNote is exceptional on its own too. You will learn skills to use OneNote as a digital notebook to capture and clarify all your work and life buckets in a way that is organized and quickly accessible. If used consistently, you can plan trips, manage your recipes, and plan a big conference. It can also be used as a light CRM for tracking client data and progress. (PC, Mac, Windows 10 and Online)

And so much more – 6 to 12 hours

But it doesn't stop there. If appropriate, I may also introduce you to Cloud systems like: OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox; Password vaults like LastPass; SharePoint on Office 365, and mobile apps that will work seamlessly with your workflow.

She is knowledgeable about Office 365 and GSuite and can assist you in making the best cloud decisions.
Why get computer training from her?
Melody has been using OneNote since 2007, when she was the assistant to the Chief Librarian at Kwantlen University (KPU), to coordinate the activities of 4 campuses and 16+ Librarians. Melody continued to use this tool when she coordinated two non-profit Boards simultaneously - the KPU Foundation and KPU Alumni Association.

In her corporate roles, she learned to use OneNote at an expert level through continuous education and hands-on use. Anyone who is feeling like they do not have enough hours in a day, must learn her OneNote methodology! If you start using it and don't see, how it can help you, then you must invest in a 3 hour overview - you will then be hooked!

She has used Outlook in a corporate environment since 2000 and has used many useful features for tracking that are rarely used. She expertly honed her Outlook skills for managing the communication of two non-profit Boards she simultaneously coordinated while overseeing the calendar of the university’s Chief Advancement Officer. Her skills were further put to the test when she oversaw the calendars of both the Surrey School's Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent. She knows many practical and genius ways to use Outlook you will not find in any other training.

She considers herself a power user in these two Microsoft programs, but highly knowledge about other Microsoft, Google applications and dives into 3rd party software to give them a spin. She stopped using OneNote for a year, so she could immerse herself in Evernote, so will know if this app, alternatively is a good fit for you. She continues to learn these programs at a deeper level so she can troubleshoot and have creative solutions for her clients.
What qualifications does Melody have as a productivity and organizing specialist?
She encourages you to review her profile on LinkedIn. You will see she has diverse experience and education. She has worked in professional offices for over 25 years, and offer expertise with a BA in Professional Communications, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management, and numerous courses and study in the business and professional organizing fields. She has the experience, qualifications and passion to take you to the next level.
Who are typical clients?
She has helped many high achieving individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses get control of their workspaces, tasks, projects, and communication. They have been teachers, managers, professors, entrepreneurs, university students; high school and elementary school students, stay at home moms, network marketers, and professionals in the private and non-profit sectors.
What services does Melody provide?
She offers residential and office organizing services. Residential organizing may include tackling disorder in your closets, kitchens, garages, or home office. Office organizing may include filing systems, paper and digital management, and digital training services.

She can give you expert assistance to declutter your life, manage your time, and get things done.

Learn more about her services.
How long does organizing or digital training take?
She will break down your organizing project and training into milestones. A paper filing system may take 15-30+ hours; an office space may take 9-25+ hours; digital / productivity training may require 9-20+ hours.

The amount of time required will depend on the time it takes you to make decisions, how much paper there is, interruptions, scope changes*, and the amount of time between your sessions.

It varies because it depends on how much you want to learn and how far you want to go with organizing and streamlining your workflow with tools like OneNote, Outlook, and other apps. The initial assessment will give her a fairly good idea of your goals and how much time will be required.

*Scope changes are often what makes the training customized to your work needs. We may be learning Outlook on the desktop, but may need me to help you with the Outlook app on your phone. Working with your phone app will require additional time added to your training.
Is Melody affiliated with any professional organizations?
She is a member of Professional Organizers of Canada (POC). POC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, leading, and promoting professional organizers and the industry. She is guided by its code of ethics, principles, and training to provide my clients the utmost confidence in me. Currently, she is involved with POCs Cyber Chapter which is a source of professional development.

What areas geographically does Melody serve?
She provides services virtually around the world, as well as locally in Nanaimo, Parksville, and Qualicum, British Columbia. Virtual consulting is highly successful. Contact her for more details for these arrangements.
What about confidentiality?
All conversations will be confidential from the moment of our first phone call. She abides by the Professional Organizer of Canada Code of Ethics, (POC), and will ensure your interests and well being are always a priority. It is her practice to take photos of your space to help with the analysis and review. However, before and after photos or case studies for her blog will only be posted with your permission.

The photos and case studies you she has used on her website for example have been used with permission. There are businesses and individuals whom she has worked with that will not be disclosed as per their wishes.

Life will be easier once you are organized! From decluttering your living and work spaces, to organizing your digital life, Melody Oshiro will give you tools and inspiration. As a productivity and organizing specialist she will develop a clear plan around your goals and priorities. She will help you create a stress-free home or office environment. You will have more clarity and a blueprint for keeping organized. You will have more time to enjoy life.

Call Melody today – 604.837.3994. She serves the Nanaimo region and coaches virtually.

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