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June 2, 2017
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Declutter and Feng Shui Tips to Thrive

Feng Shui

One of the ways professional organizers inspire others to declutter and get their homes organized is by showcasing before and after photos from projects they have completed. 

We actually feel a shift in energy from chaos to calm when we look at transformational before and after photos. I want you to bring more  positive energy, like this, into your life, so I encourage you to read further.

Delighting the Senses

We are attracted to aesthetically pleasing environments. But aside from the visual, there is also an invisible force at work. This invisible force is cultivating well-being and energy into our essence; where our heart, mind, and spirit dwell.

As a child, I didn’t have a mental concept for this energy, but I certainly felt it. As young as four years old I was very sensitive to weeds and how they took away the beauty of a garden. I remember at 10, I would move plants around and add rocks to enhance the garden.


As a teen, I learned when I had an exam to study for, I did better on the test if I studied in a calm uncluttered room.

Minimizing Visual Pollution

It has only been the last few years that I have learned about the effects of clutter has on stagnating energy.

The more I learn, the more I understand why I gravitated to decluttering my physical spaces as a child. Decluttering is the best for invigorating positive yang energy! I discovered a tidy space was a way to comfort myself from life stresses and reduce “visual pollution,” which I believe blocks clear thinking and positive energy from getting through.

Feng Shui at Work

As a child I didn’t realize that weeding the garden and decluttering a room were enhancing the energy of Ch’i flow in my life. What I did know is how good I felt in a clutter-free environment. The ancient Chinese applied similar techniques to influence the flow of energy, and we know of this practice as Feng Shui.

It takes years of study and practice to become a master of Feng Shui, but I believe we don’t need to become a master to bring more Ch’i into our homes or life.

Home Design with Feng Shui

We can instead apply small techniques to cultivate positive Ch’i, which I believe can clear a path to prosperity in many areas of our lives. I will share four tips excerpted from a book called, “Home Design with Feng Shui” by Terah Kathryn Collins that I found interesting. These suggestions will help us suppress the negative and attract the positive potential into our lives.

Tip #1 – Two Types of Chaos

There is active chaos and passive chaos. Active chaos relates to our passion projects and other activities that keep our households humming.

cluttered drawer

Cooking dinner, decluttering and organizing your spice drawer, or the birth of anything creative is considered active chaos. Collins describes this as Ch’i humming and dancing. To keep this Ch’i active we must keep on top of the clutter that it can create. Clean as you go.

Alternatively, passive chaos is what blocks the flow of Ch’i energy. It is the dumping zones in our home that do not get tidied up. The overstuffed drawers, closets, and garages.

Overstuffed Drawer

This type of chaos drains us of energy. Remember, the more we let go of the old, the more we will attract the new.

Tip #2 – Collections

As the acclaimed professional organizer, Marie Kondo, teaches, the items we hold on to must spark joy. If your collection sparks joy, then it is helping to bring more Ch’i into your life, but beware. Too much of anything is not good.

Beanie Babies

Collins tells us to ensure we have appropriate space to display our collections, and weed out redundancies or aspects that no longer spark joy for us. Circulating items in our collection also creates good energy flow. Make sure we are managing our collections, and they aren’t managing us.

Tip #3 – Master Bedroom

Collins also tells us the best feng shui bedroom colours are the skin colours found around the world. Fascinating! This includes creamy beiges, browns, pinks, yellows, reds, and lavenders. She also includes darker tones of chocolate, coral, raspberry, butter cream, burgundy, and aubergine. Beware. Pure white, black, gray, blue, and cool greens are suggested not to dominate.

view from bed

Also interesting, the view we see from our bed influences how we see the world. So make sure it isn’t a toilet or clutter! What you see should be mutually attractive to both partners. This Collins says, will help invigorate a common point of view in the life you share, which results in less conflict. As well the art we hang should be serene, sensual, and romantic.

Avoid putting photos of your family in the master bedroom; however, they are fine in children’s rooms. Children feel more secure and watched over; which is the reason why they shouldn’t go in the master bedroom.

Tip #4 – Embracing Change

There is an ancient Chinese saying “If you want a change in your life, move 27 things in your house.” Feng Shui invites you to embrace change. Move things around. Shake things up. The lack of change keeps you stagnant. As you become an empty nester, don’t hesitate to transform a bedroom to a craft room or office. Change is a gift. Let’s embrace it, not run from it.

Get on the Feng Shui Path

There is a tremendous amount to learn about Feng Shui, and we can benefit by consulting with experts. Terri Perrin is a consultant on Vancouver Island British Columbia who provides that education. But in the meantime, you can just get on the path by decluttering and enhancing your physical spaces. You can do this yourself of course, but a professional organizer can help.

Call Melody to Declutter

Are you looking for more hours in your day to focus on what is most important to you? Contact Melody if you would like assistance in decluttering and organizing your home or office.

organize drawers

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