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January 22, 2019

Eating at the Dinner Table is now Possible

cat dog dinner

I am proud to share another professional organizing testimonial. Below, my client Brooke shares how we met by accident, but both of us know it was not a coincidence! What I loved right away about Brooke is she is coachable. She soaks in everything I say with enthusiasm, and truly is open to making changes to her habits and routines. In our sessions, I taught her valuable skills that will benefit her, not only in her university program, but will give her an edge when she transitions into her future career as a teacher.

Tools, Systems and Habits

She describes how I helped her create a dedicated home workstation that is also a launch zone to help her transition between home and school. The issue we had was she needed an open shelving unit that was in close proximity to where she did her homework at the kitchen table so she could quickly clean off the table.

More Kismet

I came across a free bookcase from another client; offered it to Brooke, and she snagged it! Okay, it was hard on the eyes, but it was free!

A great deal on a cabinet

But look at how Brooked transformed the bookcase from a piece of junk to a fashionable piece of furniture!

Here it is transformed.

Next, I helped her create zones with the bookcase. Using one of the black baskets, we created a zone just for purse stuff. This strategy had her empty out her purse and backpack completely each day so that she could visually see her stuff. This recommendation was huge success because she did not always need to carry such a big purse for home errands and she needed to see what she did not need to keep carrying. Sometimes, just a wallet and keys for running quick errands is most efficient!

Then we weeded and sorted her paper into categories. Now she has a capture zone for any paper that comes her way!

Keep reading below, to see Brooke’s perspective on this experience. I hope it inspires you, and lets you know you don’t always have to do it all by yourself!

A paper system and effective planner are must haves!

Brooke’s Life Made Easier

“It was just another day of worry and anxiety as well as the feeling of being disorganized. I popped into my acupuncturist’s office for pressure pins due to clenching throughout the night and waking up with headaches. This is where I met Melody Oshiro.  Some would say divine intervention! I didn’t realize at the time, that in being there to deal with the pain of my clenching, Melody was there that day to actually get to the root of the cause of my anxiety, worry, and stress!

I really do love being organized, that I know for sure.  What I could never understand was why, if I love being organized, then why can’t I actually get organized!

What I later found out through Melody was that I lacked  “systems.” Having Melody come into my home, she was able to see first hand how I go about my day, my habits, routines, my dumping zones, what’s working, what’s not working etc.. ..She saw the stack of paperwork on my kitchen table and immediately put a couple systems in place (Where I said to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?)  

What I really loved is she doesn’t just have one system for every client.  She saw where the chaos, clutter, and lack of organization presented itself in my home and immediately offered simple changes that I just couldn’t see myself.

I realized I had the passion for being organized but had no clue how to incorporate systems and consistency to every day, that worked for me personally.  With her consistent follow-up and my willingness to let her know what is working and what isn’t, we are able to make tweaks here and there to keep me on track.    

Now, I don’t look in four or five different spots for my keys; I know exactly where my daughters’ paperwork is for school; what bills I’ve paid; what ones I haven’t; and where I put all the extra papers that need to be held onto.  

Also, before Melody’s help, I couldn’t understand why I didn’t love my house.  There was a heavy feeling every time I walked in my door. I thought it was the house. That heavy feeling I used to feel is gone. If it comes back here and there, I know immediately I’ve let some things slip but it’s simple to get it back, due to the systems Melody has put in place for me.

My family can eat at the kitchen table now!  If something is on the table, like paperwork, bills (unopened or opened), they are put away quickly because I know exactly where it’s home is, and why!”

Melody is a Professional Organizer in the Nanaimo Regional District. She is a member of Professional Organizers of Canada (POC) and has earned three certficates from the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

Make your life easier and call her for a free phone assessment, (250) 821-9995.

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