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January 23, 2017
Classroom from Clutter to Clarity
January 23, 2017

Unstuff Your Kitchen

Kitchen from clutter to clarity

The kitchen, the most used space in the home, was storage space for many adhoc household items. Many kitchen items used occasionally were out in the open rather than stored away. Cooking accessories were overflowing in the drawers, there were containers of various shapes and sizes, and grocery items located in a cumbersome corner cabinet and upper cupboard that was very difficult to reach.

There was visual chaos and inconvenience.

Organize to Optimize reorganized the cupboards for maximum functionality. The drinking-glasses cupboard was the least used cupboard. There were no children, so we moved these items furthest away, and brought the food cupboard closer. Even the dishwasher which was not workable was re-purposed to store food wrap, and blue box recycling items.

We moved items that were used infrequently to a storage container in another room. We moved appliances that are used more frequently to the corner cupboard on the Lazy Susan so they can be more easily accessed.

We removed the spice rack inside the cupboard. It was so cumbersome and took up so much room. The spices are now stored in two 6-Canister Magnetic Spice Racks that we attached with 3-M Velcro to the side of the cupboard. It not only is convenient, but it looks great.

This transformation took approximately 5 hours. Under $40 was spent for magnetic spice containers.

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