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March 28, 2018
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January 22, 2019

A Leadership Skill to Help You Get Organized


Some people can be blocked from living or seeing their potential because of the clutter that surrounds them. They feel so overwhelmed by the fast pace of life and their accumulation of stuff, they become frozen and unable to act.  This state may lead to the false belief that they are lazy or incompetent. In this blog post, I bring to light several pitfalls driven by emotion (not laziness), that cause some people to have more stuff than they have room for. I also identify a leadership skill that is essential to finding the path out.

Sabotaging Pitfalls

Getting through clutter does take work on ourselves to a certain degree.  We may recognize self-sabotaging decisions when we try to get organized, but we still cannot let go of things we no longer need or use. We rationalize 

  1. We might use or fit into it one day.
  2. It is new or was expensive.
  3. It was a gift.
  4. It was a family heirloom or memento.

As you can see, clutter isn’t the problem, it is the symptom. When we can work through the emotional control, we do feel free.  

Get Rich Organizing

In my previous blog post, “The Road to Maximum Potential,”  I talk about how inner work stretches us past our comfort zone, keeps us moving forward, and helps us to make better decisions. The late great, Jim Rohn, said it best: “If you work hard on your job you will make a living, but if you work on yourself, you will make a fortune.”

Although we may not get rich selling our grandmother’s spoon collection, a less chaotic state will give us greater mental wellbeing. Better clarity helps us focus on what is most important to us. The riches we get from a greater quality of life are profound. We feel liberation.

quality of life

Sharpening the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–you. ~Stephen Covey

Making a fortune isn’t just about money; however, being organized and productive often does lead to monetary benefits. With less clutter, you will have greater efficiency which will save you time and money.

Leadership and Decision Making

So what leadership skill, can help us unravel our feelings and get a revitalized perspective about our stuff? It is the ability to be visionary and to align towards what we want for ourselves and others we care about.


The vision to grow her business and have more time for family.

Leadership skills are essential because our toughest challenge can be leading ourselves. We can be our worst critics, and we can get in our own way with our emotional baggage. Being visionary, however, will inspire and empower us to make difficult decisions; to put feelings to the side. The goal is the prize.

More time with  family and  new business are the prize.

Being focused on goals, we become strategic in our decisions and motivated to move forward because leaders think about what they want and what they need to do to achieve it. A visionary mindset makes it easier to let go of items that do not bring us joy or do not serve us. And invest in help to reach their goals, if needed.

So, if you are moving into a new life stage, and downsizing is your goal so you can travel more, the items you keep and your organizing system, should reflect your personality, needs, and new ambitions.  Unfinished passion projects begone! With confidence, you can make this decision because that hobby no longer fits the next stage of life you are designing. Clutter would only distract you from embarking on your new adventures.

Become a Student

Ron Preston, blogger of “Dear Money” breaks down the “Secrets to Create Success and Change in Your Life,” into 6 steps, and he concurs that the first step is “Find Your Why.” He also mentions the second step is to become a student.

This second step is where a professional organizer and productivity specialist can help. Particularly professional organizers, like myself who are members of professional associations, like POC and NAPO.

professional organizer

Proud member since 2016.

As members, we are committed to high ethical standards and continually pursue ongoing professional development. We are also driven to pass that knowledge on to our clients, and the benefits have been life changing for them.

professional organizer

Showing a client sorting and weeding is the first step.

Organizing Success Story

Here is a before and after photos of an organizing project, demonstrating an example of a client whose disheveled space was turned into an office, and how she was inspired by visionary thinking:

“After I saw the transformation Melody helped me achieve, turning my junk room into a beautiful functional office,  I finally understood that my years of frustration were not due to the fact I could not clean, it was due to the fact that I did not know how to organize. Through Melody’s guidance I am learning the building blocks of organization which has created an office, a room ready to rent and a home I can welcome friends into. I feel like I’m truly entering into the life and home I always wanted!”

Long Term Benefits

You can see, to transform the room a number of decisions had to made, and the client said without my help, she didn’t know where to start. She learned that that the decluttering process is distinct from the organizing process. My client learned skills that she was able to transfer to her work environment. Not long after our sessions, she reported that she organized her entire stock room at work! Her vision of having an office was achieved, and my vision of having clients become skilled at organizing made this a successful project.

professional organizer

Each space is organized to suit the client’s vision, personality, and needs.

We help our clients develop outcomes thinking, so they can  recognize what is adding value to their lives and what is just taking up space.

Take the Lead

Melody is a Professional Organizer in the Nanaimo Regional District. She has a BA in Communications and Certificate in Project Management. She is also a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and Professional Organizers of Canada (POC).

Take the lead and her for an assessment, (250) 821-9995.

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