To bring ideas to life that will help others go beyond their current level of
productivity and quality of life.

Melody Oshiro Professional Organizer Nanaimo Parksville Nanoose Bay

Hi, my name is Melody Oshiro, and I am committed to helping others realize the many rewards of being organized and working smarter.  I will do this through my blog, workshops, and organizing projects. By sharing tips and inspiration, I hope you will look at your habits, space, and possessions differently.

The passion I share, comes from my thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement. That is how I got hooked on the transformative power of being organized! I enjoy the challenge of getting what seems impossible done. Greater effectiveness in the areas of our lives that matter most to us can be achieved, when we remove what is weighing us down!

My achievements personally and professionally, I attribute to being organized. I know the cost of clutter. Being prepared when opportunities presented themselves was done by cutting through ambiguity caused by clutter. Beneficial decisions can be made when you have clarity.

I have a BA in Professional Communications, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management, and over 25 years in senior-level office administration. You can be assured, I will apply my experience and knowledge to your situation, ability, and resources.

My deepest passion is for my family.  Having raised two kids, I know first-hand the challenges of juggling and balancing family priorities, while furthering education and career aspirations. Now, I have moved on to my next chapter as an empty-nester. Transitions can be emotional, and I understand all our possessions have a story to be acknowledged.

I offer sensitivity and insightful advice that will guide you on your own downsizing journey, and you will move gracefully to the life you want today. Know you don’t have to do it on your own, and I encourage you to call me.

Contact Melody Oshiro to help you declutter and right-size your life at or call 604-837-3994.

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