November 7, 2018
A Business Owner’s Best Investment!
July 27, 2019

A Realtor’s Productivity Life Saver

If I could invent a new Lifesaver flavour, I would call it …Melody!

I am a busy mom and new Realtor® in the Nanaimo-Parksville area. My business is very busy, and I began to feel overwhelmed that I was not prepared for my clients or able to manage my business with the utmost efficiency. I needed processes, checklists, computer training, templates, filing systems… I needed it all. Luckily, I met Melody last fall and, at the recommendation of another Realtor® and hired her almost immediately.

She then showed me strategies for organizing information using Microsoft 365, OneNote, and Outlook Mobile. I now have a system for managing multiple streams of information and can access key business information quickly and seamlessly. When putting these skills to practise I feel more in control over my demanding schedule!

Shannon Cutler, Realtor®
Macdonald Realty


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