February 11, 2017
February 8, 2018


The ten habits of highly effective people

I thought the first 3 hours spent with Melody changed my life.  Then I spent 3 more hours with her!  In six hours, she has revolutionized how I work each and every day.  I never wonder anymore if I’m missing something or have forgotten something.  I end each day with a clean inbox, a clear idea of what is happening tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  This was all accomplished because Melody firstly LISTENS to understand what you do each day and what you want to improve.  She thinks about things from different angles and continually questions to dig deep into your needs.  Once she understands that, she comes up with brilliant ways to improve your productivity, work flow, save time, and reduce your stress!  She doesn’t have a one size fits all solution for digital or special clutter – it’s tailor made for my work and my needs!  I can’t wait to go into more advanced techniques to save more time and stress and see how productive I can become with Melody’s insight, knowledge and assistance.  She was a pleasure to work with of course, but aside from the fun, it WORKS!

Meghan Walker,

Royal LePage

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