Customer Review
January 25, 2017

Customer Review


I highly recommend Organize to Optimize. I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed before my long time friend, Melody, came along and transformed my kitchen, pantry, and kids’ work area, and created a home command workstation for me.

She was amazing. She came with passion and determination and brought order out of chaos. I was impressed at how fast she worked, and appreciated her strong leadership skills and vision. I didn’t know where to begin, but she was a pro, and knew exactly what to do. She helped us create a home for our things, and our family life has truly gotten easier now that our cupboards are decluttered and we have zones. I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders, and I have much more clarity to focus.

Melody’s ongoing coaching – and patience – is keeping me on track while I learn new systems and adopt new habits. You cannot put a price on sanity, so she is priceless! Melody was born to organize; I know this is her calling.

Lucie N.

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