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February 2, 2018
November 7, 2018


Melody has pretty much changed my life! I hired her to wrangle my home office that was in dire need of systems and love. I felt like I was “too busy” to make the lightweight, organized system that I craved — so I just put it off. When I had had enough of my increasingly unruly situation, I called a couple of professional organizers to discuss my needs. Melody completely stood out from the rest. When she came over to do an assessment, I knew she had the chops to understand what a busy mother and professional needs (and doesn’t need!).

I’m so happy with what I have now. After working with Melody, my office is completely transformed. From files to tech equipment to office supplies, we organized it together according to my specific needs and life stage. I even have a complete reference library — alphabetized! Even better, she created a system that will grow with me, tailored to my aesthetic. She also taught me skills that will allow me to run my company and home life in a more streamlined and manageable way. Plus, it just “feels” better when I walk into my office. Everything has a place!

The accountability to have someone come into my office and help me was priceless. But the real magic is that Melody just has ways of doing things that are so smart. She’s meticulous, but at the same time, very easy to work with. She doesn’t just do this for a job — Melody is a highly organized individual by nature; the time I spent with her I understand she lives and breathes this stuff. She’s a powerhouse, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Get her over! You need this woman in your life!

Bianca, Nanaimo, BC

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