February 8, 2018


David Shepherd, MLA at Government of Alberta –

“Melody is one of the most organized, focused, and supportive people I had the pleasure of working with in obtaining my BA. Her commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to analyze, collate, and distill multiple streams of complex data made her an invaluable asset to our team projects.”

Lexie Angela, Managing Editor, Writer –

“Melody is an incredible researcher willing to examine all angles of an issue and provide her team with expert insight into complex topics. She can work independently to translate difficult information into compelling communication messages, as well as build on the strengths of her team members to deliver strategic communications results.”

Patricia McDougall, Consultant –

“Melody is highly organized and efficient particularly in communication, organizational systems and project management. Very focus-driven she is a valuable asset to any team as she can see both the scope and the details of any project and supports her team on many levels. She understands and synthesizes processes resulting in clear and concise communication excellence.”  

Don Coulter, President and CEO Concentra Bank –

“Melody Oshiro is a tremendously capable person, someone with strong character, and a person who gets things done. During my time on the KPU Foundation Board I worked with Melody, and I must say, she was very impressive. She is organized, a strong communicator, excellent at building strong relationships, and always focused on delivering strong results. I am very pleased to provide a strong recommendation for Melody.”

Ariana Arguello, Program Specialist, FortisBC –

”Working with Melody was a wonderful experience when I served on the Kwantlen University Foundation Board. Melody in her capacity as Confidential Assistant to the CAO worked closely with our board. Her work in providing information and coordinating work of various board committees made our work as board members more productive and satisfying. She is perceptive. She communicates well. She is a caring person. She was highly respected by our board and I would recommend her in any organizational capacity!”

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