Black Diamond Mechanical Staff are More Productive with Microsoft Training
October 28, 2019

Training Solutions to Leap to the Next Level


I consider myself organized, but I want to expand my business and I needed help taking it to the next level. I hired Melody and her company Organize to Optimize (O2O) to assist me in finding the solutions I needed. At our initial meeting we brainstormed what technology and processes would be ideal, and she has helped me transition to Microsoft 365 for Business.

She understands business systems, and her strategies on how to organize information have helped me become more effective. What has really been valuable is the training she provided to tame my email Inbox. Learning her system for managing email, tasks, and projects with Outlook and OneNote will allow me to get more done with less effort.

I admit it has been a learning curve to release old habits and implement new tools and workflows. However, it has all been a worthwhile investment because my goals now seem achievable!

I highly recommend Melody Oshiro!


Permelia Parham
Certified Body Code & Emotion Code Practitioner


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