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August 30, 2017
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October 2, 2017

Organizing for Efficiency – not perfection

Organize to Optimize would like to walk you through another successful organizing project.

Needs Assessment

It started with an assessment, where we determined a clear vision for a 100 sq ft storage space. A significant downsizing had recently been done, and these were the remaining items. The reasons provided to keep these items in storage rather than downsizing further were justified. And there was a plan to downsize the seasonal boxes further after this year’s Hallowe’en and Christmas.

It was also clear from the walk around that the client was very organized. She had great input and was also open to ideas suggested on how to optimize the space. Many great organizing principles such as labeling and categorizing were being practiced, and this client understood the importance of re-evaluating and adjusting her zones when the space was inhibiting her access and productivity.

Defined Goal and Action Plan

The goal was to make the storage room tidy and organized; the client did not require matching bins or shelving. She did want a few bins easily accessible. We therefore, delegated the boxes with items not needed flush to the wall, and the bins that were frequently needed in the front.

We also determined other storage areas in the client’s home. Some excess items were moved to new locations while being mindful not to cause clutter in another area. Where we could, we merged the contents of some boxes together. It turned out that some additional items were let go of, and of course this only helped make more room for the things she wanted to keep!

The transformation took 3 hours and no material expenses were incurred.

This organizing project demonstrates that our services are not just for the disorganized. Actually, organized people value this service because they know “for every minute spent organizing an hour is earned.” B. Franklin

So whether you are organized or disorganized, we can you help get from clutter to clarity in your home and office. Check out our services. Our package rates offer a great way to spark renewal.

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