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How Savvy People Get Stuck in the Muck of Clutter
November 10, 2019
Virtual Productivity Success Story
February 26, 2021

Organizing Outliers Create the Space of Miracles

In a previous blog post “Why Savvy People Get Stuck in the Muck of Clutter,” I offered Malcolm Gladwell’s proposition that it takes 10,000 hours for us to perfect a skill. His book, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” provides insight to understand why professional organizers can miraculously transform spaces from chaos to calm. I provide ideas in this blog post on what attributes may develop outlier-organizing aficionados.

The 6 Building Blocks of Organizing Aficionados

1. Organizing is like breathing to us 

Many professional organizers will say, that they have been passionately organizing as far back as they can remember. Since organizing, like playing a guitar is a skill, we continue to get better and better with practice. We are also passionate, so we practice with deliberate enjoyment and intention.

Organizing a grade 9 student –
She is taller than I am

2. Organizers love to learn and solve problems 

Often people who are passionate about organizing have an intense desire to move objects around to create functional gorgeous living spaces. We love expanding our knowledge and thrive on challenging ourselves with more difficult patterns to solve.

Before – my client felt overwhelmed.

We can see when a system needs to change due to a life event, and we quickly make the required adjustments to keep people going seamlessly.  

After – My client says her new space makes her feel –
“in charge, inspired, and in her element.”

3. Organizers are highly attuned to seeing patterns  

We quickly see patterns in shapes and colours that others do not see.

We love making cupboards functional and beautiful.

As our craft develops, we may also become skilled at seeing patterns in behaviours, activities, and actions. This ability allows me to observe workflows and see where the dysfunction or bottlenecks are occurring in spaces or a digital and paper communication system. I

One of my clients, provides insight on this ability when she describes her experience working with me:

I feel more in control of my demanding schedule!

“If I could invest a new lifesaver flavour, I would call it Melody!…. as a busy mom and new realtor… I now have a system for managing multiple streams of information….”

4. Organizers think in analogies and metaphors 

If you read my blog posts, you will see a pattern of analogies in my writing. Analogical thinking and problem solving is due to the need to find patterns. I am always looking for the similarities and differences between things. In my previous blog post, “The Silver Bullet in my Productivity Toolbox,” I compare OneNote to a 5th Wheel and Evernote to a truck and camper to demonstrate how these productivity tools are the same and different. 

Camper versus 5th Wheel
Evernote is like a camper pulling a boat and OneNote is like a 5th Wheel.

5. Organizers are “kind of” like artists 

Organizing is a skill that requires strategies and principles, but organizing is also an art. Professional organizers will always ensure utility comes before fashion, but we make every effort to create patterns in the system that are brilliantly artistic!

House ready to list.

When you open up your file drawer it will be psychologically inviting. When you walk into a room, it will take your breath away. You will feel more effective and invigorated. 

6. Organizers are visionary and details oriented

Big picture and details orientation are usually considered a dichotomy. Yet we are strong in both modes of thinking. But professional organizers are trained to see the big picture before diving into the details. We need to see your entire house and your life direction before we can begin working on an isolated space. We create strategies and tactics that are unique to your needs. We think with the end in mind. This article on the topic concurs.

Call Melody for an Assessment

Whether you are a CEO, student, or busy parent, everything is easier to handle when you are organized. From practical solutions to inspiration, I will provide a methodical approach that will leave you with more space to enjoy your life. Read more about my services, and call me to get started.

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