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January 23, 2017

Printables and Purging Help us Organize for Christmas

Welcome to the first Organize to Optimize blog post! Thank you for stopping by. Before I get into the key theme of the post, printables and purging, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Melody Oshiro, and I am a professional organizer living in Nanoose Bay, located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I help organize homes and offices. In my home life, my husband and I have raised four kids between us, and we are now empty-nesters.

 So we have just entered a new stage of life. We don’t have the whirling schedule we had when our children were young. Now we have a revolving door of visitors, so we are busy in a different way. I have discovered whatever my life stage is, I still feel like we still have so many things to do, and it can be overwhelming.
Decorating for Christmas

With just two weeks to go before Christmas, I admit, I am somewhat late to give organizing tips for the holidays; organizing and preparing for Christmas should have started weeks ago! But I believe you will still get value from these tips. I would like to take you to a great website by Katie Leckey, called the Holiday Grand Plan. She offers  great suggestions and printables to guide us seamlessly through the holiday festivities.

No matter what stage of preparation you are in, there will be a great printable to help  you keep all your balls in the air. I just printed off the holiday menu planner, myself. This year we will  be having 8 guests for Christmas dinner, and this template will help in the dinner planning.

In addition to the printables, the Holiday Grand Plan has us preparing for Christmas as far back as September. The calendar will take you through each area of your home and has you clearing the clutter. I truly believe a good purge is the magic of a less stressful Christmas. We went through a pre-Christmas purge ourselves in November. Getting organized gave us so much energy, we had our Christmas decorations up before our first guests arrived November 23.

We relocated or purged tools, and now we can find what we need quickly.
Organized toolbox

A good way to know if clutter is an issue for you, ask yourself, “What is my current mental state right now?” I believe how we are feeling in this moment on the stress barometer can be attributed to whether we decluttered and organized our homes prior to Christmas. I believe we gain well-being because we gain more space, time and money:

  • More space will give you breathing room to think; it will revitalize your spirit and inject you with energy.
  • More time because you no longer waste time in a panic looking for things. Everything has a home.
  • You save money because you know what you have and know what we need. So we don’t need go out and buy more tape because we found 5 rolls hidden in one of the storage boxes.

Can you attribute your ease or overwhelm to how you organized your home prior to the holidays?

I agree the depth of Christmas chaos also depends on what life stage we are in, our family traditions, our financial situation, and many other life circumstances. Purging alone isn’t the silver bullet.  But, I believe it does take the edge off of whatever we are going through. It gives us clarity to better think about what we need to do, such a put a simple shopping list together.

In my next post, I will share a story about how getting organized helped me cope through my toughest Christmas. Until then enjoy the printables from Katie Leckey’s site! Happy Holidays, Melody

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