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February 4, 2018
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March 28, 2018

Qualicum Real Estate Agent Gets Ultra Productive

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Often there is a misconception that being a Real Estate Agent is easy. It is far from easy. They require considerable training and perseverance, to say the least. What if there was something that could make the job easier? If you are a realtor, what if you could learn a system that could keep your email inbox at zero, while you have your finger on the pulse? And, you always had what you needed at your fingertips? Would you pursue that productivity solution?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In two, 3-hour training sessions Organize to Optimize helped a busy Qualicum Real Estate agent, Meghan Walker, get immediate access to greater productivity, and she said these 6 hours completely transformed her life. She gained a deeper understanding of how to configure Microsoft Outlook and integrate it with OneNote and her CRM.

The ten habits of highly effective people

I am certain, my client would say, I had many productivity tricks up my sleeve. This comes from many years working with senior executives, managing non-profit boards, and my passion for always staying three steps ahead. I provided her with the keys to the productivity castle.

Inbox Zero is Possible!

I taught her that in inbox is the processing centre, and how it could be kept to zero with an effective system. It was a thrill to get her text message after our session, that said, “Zero emails in the inbox!! First time ever I think!” She was so ecstatic with how efficient she had become, she wrote this glowing review of my services. Her satisfaction, is what fuels my passion to pass along organizational and technical skills that will help others reach their goals.

Goals and Assessment

She wanted a system and training that allowed her to seamlessly and quickly

  • aggregate information for clients from disparate sources
  • have access to critical documents
  • track important details and tasks arising out of emails or projects
  • manage email clutter
  • have quick access to checklist templates
  • access information from her smartphone, PC, and Mac

I took the time to assess her workflow to determine how OneNote and Outlook Tasks could make her more effective. I recommended these tools as an organization strategy because she had a business subscription to Office 365. She was digitally savvy and just needed techniques to have her productivity soaring.

Inbox Zero

Custom Not Out-of-the-Box Training

After the assessment I knew what notebooks, sections, and pages she would need in her OneNote. Building OneNote is similar to building a house. The notebooks and sections are like rooms and furniture; the pages are the variables like groceries. I also knew she would benefit from New Listing and Buyer Checklist templates in her toolbox, so I created them for her. That saves her 4 hours a week, I am sure.

I could feel her excitement with everything she could do easier with Outlook and OneNote as her tools. She went from snow plowing down the hill to expertly parallel skiing.

Outcomes Vary from Person to Person

The amount of training would vary from person to person. Everyone needs a house, but the houses would be configured differently depending on each person’s needs.

Get into Covey’s Zone 2

The time we invest in Zone 2 of Stephen Covey’s matrix, improves our ability to make better decisions and thus get better results. An investment in this zone is where dreams are brought to life. But beware, Zone 2 is like the “Road Less Traveled.”

I dive deeper into the “Road Less Traveled”  in this post. But, in a nutshell it is the route few people go down because it can be an uncomfortable road that requires an investment of time and money. But, when you experience that improved communication is helping your deals go through more efficiently, the investment in training speaks for itself.

Road Less Traveled

Your Turn

Contact Melody if you want to improve your productivity. She has many paper and paperless solutions in her toolbox. Your solutions will be customized to your workflow and needs. Go to the Organize to Optimize website to learn more about her services.

Productivity Specialist

Melody is a Professional Organizer in the Nanaimo Regional District. She has a BA in Communications and Certificate in Project Management. She is also a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and Professional Organizers of Canada.

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